Spring Cleaning

Eating with the seasons is a great way to support your health. Traditionally, spring is a time to shift the diet from the warming, heavier foods of winter to lighter, more cleansing foods. This means more fruits and vegetables, and less heavy or oily foods.  According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of maintaing a healthy body and mind, spring is a great time to cleanse, allowing the body to release some of the heaviness of winter. This doesn't have to be an extreme fast, but can be accomplished by eating simply with vegetables, grains and legumes, allowing the digestion to rest a bit. Foods with bitter or astringent properties are also recommended, such as onions, garlic and bitter greens like arugula or dandelion greens. Spicy foods like chiles, and spices like turmeric and ginger are great too, and provide a number of anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Especially in the spring, eating organic, local and seasonal food is one of the best ways to hit the reset button on your digestion and support your health. That means shopping at one of my favorite places - the farmer's market. If you visit a farmer's market at this time of year, you'll notice new produce coming into season.  Check out this great guide to the seasonal produce in Los Angeles. Asparagus, artichokes, avocados and grapefruit are some examples of what we'll be seeing now, and can help serve as inspiration for your spring meals.  

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