It's ok, I love food too

And yes it may be trendy, but I really do love kale.

And yes it may be trendy, but I really do love kale.

Food.  It's something we all have in common. We all eat it, need it, think about it, and make choices regarding our food everyday.  It brings us together and is part of our culture. Real, whole food is also the foundation of good health.  I became a Nutrition Consultant because I believe that the food you eat should nourish, heal and make you feel good. I want to teach you that making the right food choices can change not only your waistline, but all aspects of your life.  

Eat for your health

If you've been dealing with nagging health issues, feel tired or are overwhelmed by the day to day demands put on you, you're not alone.  So many of us put our health on the back burner, making choices that seem convenient at the time, but don't benefit us long term.  Over time poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress can wear us down and drain our bodies of the nutrients we need to thrive.  We start to feel sluggish, get stuck in bad habits, and the health problems seem to keep coming.

When we make choices that support our health, everything else becomes easier. Whether you're facing specific health issues, been told you have to lower your blood pressure, are looking to lose weight, or just want to feel better and get back your energy, I can help. Working together, you'll learn simple changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle that will help your body to heal itself, allowing you to feel energized, renewed and healthier than ever.  

How I can help

Living a healthy life starts with eating a balanced diet of whole, unprocessed food. But it doesn't end there. Our attitudes, relationships and environment all play a part in how we feel. Taking a holistic approach to health means I will look beyond simply counting calories on your plate, and will help to make connections in your life to find opportunities for improvement.  As part of my wellness plans, I incorporate movement, breath and other stress reduction techniques to help you body and mind heal.  There is no one-size fits all approach to health, and together we will find realistic solutions that work for you. My goal is always to empower you to take care of yourself.

About Amber

Born in Northern California, Amber has lived in Seattle, New York City and Australia.  Always interested in food and wellness, she considered it a hobby for many years.  After years working in Environmental Education, she realized that her real interest lies in helping people to be their healthiest and she dedicated herself to studying holistic health.  Aware that how we consume can effect the planet for the greater good, Amber loves to educate people about how better food choices can also contribute to a healthier world. Her focus is on organic, local and seasonal food that nourishes not only our own bodies, but the environment as well.

Based in Redondo Beach, CA she spends a lot of time in the garden with her husband, rescue dog, fluffy cat and backyard chickens. She loves to cook, practice yoga, travel and stand-up paddle board.

Education and Credentials

N.C. Certified Nutrition Consultant, with Honors, Bauman College

M.A. Psychology, Hunter College - City University of New York

B.S. Zoology, University of Washington

R.Y.T. 200 hour - Tamal Dodge Yoga, Santa Monica, CA

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