Fueling your body with the nutrients it needs can enhance your life in so many positive ways.  Here's a sneak peak at some of the perks you can expect from working together:

clear skin

weight loss

stable moods

more energy

better digestion

less aches and pains


Want to learn more? Schedule a FREE 20 -minute phone consultation to chat with me about your health goals. 


One-on-one consulting

Private consultations give you the advantage of tailored plans customized to your individualized health and lifestyle needs. No one diet is right for everyone, so I consider all aspects of your life to create realistic health plans just for you. Together we will address the root cause of your health issues and heal from the inside out. You will receive individualized meal plans, recipes, diet and supplement suggestions, as well as the education and support that will empower you to you take control of your own health. Consulting programs range from 3 to 6 months and can be held in person or remotely, depending on your location. 

Group classes

Workshops are available on a number of health topics to be presented to your employees, peers or students. Topics range from weight loss and increasing energy, to detoxification without deprivation, to eating sustainably and responsibly.  Customized talks can be given depending on your needs. 



Single sessions

Just need one session to point you in the right direction? Looking for someone to help you navigate the grocery store and learn to read labels? Would you like someone to help clean out and re-stock your kitchen? I can help when you just need a little boost. Options include:

  • One-time nutritional analysis with diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations

  • Grocery store / Farmer's market tour

  • Cooking Plant Based Meals

  • Kitchen re-vamp

  • Private Yoga instruction